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3Vision are experts in the media and entertainment industry. Whether your aim is to acquire, manage or deliver the best possible content to your customers or find new ways to take your products to market, we offer powerful strategic solutions.

Diva AG

Founded in 2007 Diva is a leading aggregator of movies, TV series and short form contents supplying Video on Demand platforms globally. Diva's customers are Internet platforms, telecommunications companies, mobile operators and cable companies in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. The content focus is on award winning films, true classics and genre contents that are offered as single contents or pre-packaged into channels.

Endavo Media

Endavo Media is an OTT Video Services Platform provider enabling quality delivery of enhanced video services for telecommunications companies and planet-wide syndication for content producers and broadcasters. Endavo's Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution provides acquisition, management, monetization and multi-screen distribution of digital media, including live and on-demand video, audio and pictures. 

Federal Hill Comm

Federal Hill Communications, the leading content advisor and negotiator for VOD, IPTV, Broadband, Mobile and Cable platforms worldwide, offers 14 years of licensing expertise. Our years of doing business with the Studios and independent providers allows us to uniquely expedite the processes it takes to negotiate, finalize and implement contracts which enables clients to quickly launch and grow their entertainment business.

Kmax Brothers

Kmax Brothers is a leading content company that works in the field of content aggregation. Kmax's content has a great reputation in IPTV, VOD, Mobile and the TV broadcast industries. Kmax also has vast experience and knowledge in business development, system integration, and application development.


Vubiquity is the leading global provider of multiplatform video services, helping to bring the most innovative, advanced services into consumers’ homes and onto their connected devices. We work with customers at all stages of their video service deployment leveraging our cloud-based distribution platform to more easily and quickly meet market demands for content anytime, on any device and to monetize opportunity, everywhere it exists and anywhere it emerges.