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Live Panel Webinar - Own the mobile TV consumer

Feb 19, 2013
February 19, 2013

How ‘Continuous Engagement’ builds relationships and revenues

Watching mobile video is now mainstream behavior inside and outside the home. In the next stage of the mobile video market, mobile operators, content owners and Pay TV platforms are looking to cement consumer relationships and then monetize services more effectively. This webcast explores how they can do this by ensuring ‘Continuous Engagement’ with customers in more places throughout the day.

Continuous Engagement requires a seamless consumer experience across a growing number of device types, with simple authentication and content rights that are mirrored across screens. Service providers need strong content line-ups and minimal gaps in what is available on different devices. They need to meet higher standards of content protection and manage the complex multi-DRM environment in a way that avoids operations headaches and enables new devices and formats to be added easily.

Consumers will welcome services that can mirror the content and ease of use they expect from TVs and make this available on all their personal devices. Content availability and the user experience will differentiate mobile TV in the next phase of this market. This webcast explores the opportunities now available to different stakeholders, how you enable Continuous Engagement and the best practices in DRM management that underpin it.

Discussion points include:

  • How Pay TV can improve out-of-home multi-screen TV
  • Whether there is a place in the living room for wireless carriers
  • The impact of tablets on the TV market
  • Is ‘download-to-view-later’ the next big thing in mobile video?
  • How to provide a seamless user experience between screens
  • How to secure premium content and get the best rights/windows
  • Making premium content secure for Android devices
  • Moderator: Barry Flynn, Director, Barry Flynn Communications Ltd

Mark Freedman, Strategic Programs Director (Content Solutions), Telus
Andrew Bielinski, Senior Manager, Technical Solution Sales, Vidiator
Steve Christian, VP Marketing, Verimatrix

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