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Course: VMX 07‑1001 – VCAS Platform

OverviewProvides an overview of the VCAS platform and the building blocks common to all VCAS security solutions. This class includes a detailed overview of the technologies used in VCAS, such as Linux, Oracle, networking, encryption, Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG), Operator Management Interface (OMI), troubleshooting, and support.
Target AudienceSystems Engineers, Network Engineers, Sales Engineers, Systems Integrators
LocationOnline, self-paced
Duration8-to-12 hours

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Verimatrix
  • Ecosystem Partners
  • VCAS Overview
    • VCAS for IPTV/Hybrid
    • VCAS for InternetTV
    • VCAS for DVB Broadcast
  • Linux Basics
    • Hardware requirements
    • Red Hat distribution
    • Kickstart DVD
    • Tools to remote access servers
    • Linux commands
    • Iptables firewall
  • Oracle Basics
    • Oracle architecture
    • Oracle configuration
    • Redundancy and scalability
    • Operation and troubleshooting
    • Backup procedures
  • Networking
    • Understanding IP networking
    • Unicast / Multicast
    • TCP / UDP
    • SSL
  • MPEG
    • Functional understanding
    • MPEG tables
    • ECM / EMM
  • OMI (Operator Management Interface)
    • Implementation and architecture
    • Scalability and capacity
    • Entitlements
    • Web services
    • SOAP API and integration
  • Troubleshooting
    • Approaches to troubleshooting
    • Linux tools for troubleshooting
    • External tools
  • Verimatrix Customer Care
    • Customer and partner training
    • Support channels
    • Case creation and escalation

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