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February 7, 2013

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Cable Congress 2013: Interview with Steve Oetegenn, Verimatrix

Ahead of Cable Congress 2013 we speak to Steve Oetegenn, CMSO at Verimatrix, about the evolving world of security in the cable marketplace. Verimatrix is the Revenue Security sponsor for this year’s Cable Congress.

Why does Verimatrix tend to speak about Revenue Security rather than Conditional Access? The key issue here is that we approach security from a business perspective rather than a focus on a single technology. The array of threats to the pay-TV business is evolving as rapidly as the devices that the customers use. So we need to take a multi-dimensional approach to address these threats and ultimately provide a  future proof security strategy focused on enabling new business models and securing revenue streams.

What seem to be the latest trends in revenue security for cable service operators? I find it fascinating to see how quickly the landscape is changing! Whereas OTT was seen as a threat to cable operators a couple of years ago, the technology is now being co-opted as a key component of new competitive service offerings. The debate rages about the pros and cons of mega-gateway devices to provide whole home services. And the advent of the tablet has provided a premium portable TV experience inside and outside of the household.

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